Tools For The Virtual Herbalist

Hi! I’ve been working a lot lately on getting the nuts and bolts tightened on this website and scheduling in-person classes (my favorite – yay!) in the Denver area. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s all happening! I’ll be offering classes on Herbs for Beginners, Herbal Immunity, and Infused Oils & Herbal Salves in the next few months, which I’m very excited about.

I was looking back on a post I wrote several months ago…

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All In The Family: Meet The Mints

Meet The Mints

For most people, the word “mint” conjures images of icy cool freshness. While the peppermint and spearmint of gum and toothpaste are extremely popular, Lamiaceae – the “Mint Family” – is a group of roughly 3,500 species of plants with square stalks, simple opposite leaves, and an aromatic quality. Many mints are common kitchen herbs, and a great number of them are have medicinal qualities.

I love learning about medicinal herbs within the…

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Materia Medica 101: How To Create A Bad-Ass Herbal Scrapbook

I totally geek out about learning herbs. It’s one of my favorite things of all time – right up there with sprinkles and Bette Davis movies. There are so many valuable ways to learn – all of them important to a well-rounded herbal education. Plant walks, making medicine, and studying independently from solid resources are some of the many ways I love to increase my knowledge. Through it all, if I had to pick…

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