Tools For The Virtual Herbalist

Hi! I’ve been working a lot lately on getting the nuts and bolts tightened on this website and scheduling in-person classes (my favorite – yay!) in the Denver area. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s all happening! I’ll be offering classes on Herbs for Beginners, Herbal Immunity, and Infused Oils & Herbal Salves in the next few months, which I’m very excited about.

I was looking back on a post I wrote several months ago…

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All In The Family: Meet The Mints

Meet The Mints

For most people, the word “mint” conjures images of icy cool freshness. While the peppermint and spearmint of gum and toothpaste are extremely popular, Lamiaceae – the “Mint Family” – is a group of roughly 3,500 species of plants with square stalks, simple opposite leaves, and an aromatic quality. Many mints are common kitchen herbs, and a great number of them are have medicinal qualities.

I love learning about medicinal herbs within the…

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HERBAL SELF-CARE: 15 Harmonious Rituals to Relax & Awaken

Harmonious Self-Care

When I was younger, I used to pride myself on an inaccurate picture of who I was and how I reacted to stress. I believed myself to be someone who was unaffected by stress: “I just don’t get stressed out. Stressful situations happen, but they just don’t get to me,” I would say, making full eye contact and believing myself very thoroughly. What I came to realize later was that actually, I was just very good at not letting…

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RUMEX CRISPUS: Yellow Dock For Spring Cleaning

Yellow dock is popping up in Denver! I’m absolutely ecstatic to see that spring is on its way. It will likely snow several more times before the end of May, but fruit trees are budding (some even blooming), and the greens of dandelion, yarrow, plantain, and of course yellow dock, are beginning to really show themselves.

I definitely prefer warmer weather, coming more and more alive as the plants yawn and stretch, and finally show themselves….

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ASCLEPIAS SPECIOSA: Milkweed & Authenticity

Milkweed & Authenticity

It’s hard for me to describe what this plant means to me, so I’ll just start with the facts.

Milkweed is in the Apocyanaceae family (subfamily Asclepiadoideae), along with Inmortal, Butterfly Weed, and Balloon Plant.

Asclepias speciosa have their flowers in umbels. They have milky juice and pods containing silky, tufted seeds. Umbels occur at the top of the stem and have around ten elaborately constructed flowers each. The flowers are over 1” wide…

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