Zine Submissions

Aceae: A Family Of Plant Tales

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways that I can contribute to and build herbal community, and I’ve decided to publish a quarterly zine.

For those who are unfamiliar, a zine is a self-made publication based on a passion – somewhat like a magazine, somewhat like a booklet. What I want is to foster community through plant stories – to draw people together and promote their work as herbalists, healers, communicators with nature, medicine makers, and dreamers. The title is “Aceae: a Family Of Plant Tales.”

I’m looking for submissions in writing and/ or art from those who wish to share their plant stories. These can be short essays, poems, dream recollections, visual art, prayers, rituals – really I’m open to whatever your heart has to offer. What lessons have you learned from plants? When was a plant a total godsend to you? What experiences have you had in nature that touched you deeply?

Contributors will be credited on the same page as their piece and there will be a directory of contributors in each issue (with email, social media, and/or website info where applicable). Each contributor will also receive a copy of the issue(s) in which they are featured. You may submit as many pieces as you wish – I will be putting the whole thing together, as well as contributing to it. I want this to be a rich, ongoing experience.

The zine is a physical booklet – a beautiful but low-cost, very accessible publication, the goal being to get it into the hands of as many plant people, nature enthusiasts, hedge witches, dreamers, and curious bystanders as possible to foster community. A portion of proceeds will go to United Plant Savers.

As stated, the zine will be a quarterly publication – submission deadlines are as follows:


Fall: August 21

Winter: November 21

Spring: February 21

Summer: May 21


Submissions and questions can be emailed to dani@milkweedherbarium.com

Sending lots of love and plant magic your way!